Holy Fire Productions
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BSR Custom Logo

BSR Custom Design Logo

For use at "Bob's Space Racers"

Graphic Designer- Chris Evans

New Pine

Realistic Pine Trees

To be used in "Chlorel: Forest Angel"

Modeled, Textured and Designed- Chris Evans


Flaming Tennis Ball

Created initially for use as a transition for the US Open 2006 this animation displays professional particle creation and manipulation abilities.

Graphic Designer- Chris Evans



Official Football

A photo realistic replica of the NFL football.

Graphic Designer- Chris Evans




Superman Logo

Animated Superman Logo

Used on a DVD menu for a parody of "Smallville".

Project Leader- Chris Evans


Simple Simon

16mm Production - Graphics Edit

(Click image to play!)

Honda Commercial Spoof

Commercial Spoof

DV Production - Directed by Chris Evans

Done for Fun at Full Sail!

(Click image to play!)

Poptart Monkeys - Valerie Music Video

"Poptart Monkeys"

Music Video

DV Production - Chris Evans

A professional Digital Cinematography production at Full Sail!

(Click image to play!)

(Click Here to View their site)

Bass Image

3D Bass

A Bass created as a "cut-to" clip for the 2005 Bassmasters.

Modeled and Texured- Chris Evans


Medical Project

Created by- Chris Evans and Cibu Thomas


Click Here to View This Video


Thank the Troops (Tattoo Art)
Digitally Designed by Chris Evans


Kids Room

Project Lead Modeler- Cibu Thomas


Underground Medical Facility

Project Leader- Cibu Thomas


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